Earth Ale. Ale from the earth. It’s no more complex than that, really.

Each year, we forage wild ingredients from the glorious countryside and craggy coastlines of the South of England, and infuse them in a natural brewing process to create seasonal limited-batch recipes.

We bring back all things weird and wonderful, from dandelion root and pine sap, to lemon verbena and hogweed. As a Michelin-trained chef, Earth Ale founder - Alex Lewis - has learned to trust his nose and palate. It also explains why our beers can be paired perfectly with food, and why a strong motivation behind our brewing is the dining experience.

After spending a few years brewing at the old Chocolate Factory in North London, which has sadly now been demolished, we’re thrilled to have found a new brewery home at the beautiful Bothy Vineyard in Oxfordshire. Although they sadly no longer make wine, a passion for creating quality products is built into their walls - a legacy we plan to continue.

To try our beers, check out our online shop or follow us on instagram for updates on where we’re stocked across the UK.