Earth Tap is our taproom in Wood Green’s Blue House Yard. You’ll find all our current Earth Ale brews on draft, as well as guest beers from some of our other favourite breweries.

We’re based on the vintage, double-decker bus, nestled amongst a community of colourful wooden sheds, who house a mix of artisanal and creative small businesses. The Bus had been sitting in Blue House Yard for years, with so much potential but no one to take it on. We knew it had a lot more love to give. So, true to our eco-friendly ethos and with the community’s crowdfunding support, we decided to upcycle it and breathe new life into its walls.

Now, it’s a both fully functioning taproom and board game café, since we partnered with Cakes & Ladders, who have 400+ games on board. This perfect pairing means the games are available during our taproom hours and our beers are available from 12pm every day, even when they’re running the café. 

Earth Tap Hours:
Mon: closed
Tue: closed
Wed: closed
Thurs: 4pm–midnight
Fri: 4pm–midnight
Sat: 4pm–midnight
Sun: 3pm–10pm

Cakes & Ladders Hours:
Mon: closed
Tue: 10am-8pm
Wed: 10am–8pm
Thurs: 10am–4pm
Fri: 10am–4pm
Sat: 10am–4pm
Sun: 10am–4pm

**Although the bus is open 7 days a week, our Earth Ale staff are only available on the bus during taproom hours. So if you’re looking for some beer bants, an Earth Ale event, or thinking to host your own, feel free to say hello during our Earth Tap hours above or see our events page for more info.